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Markley & Balmer

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“These Dallas singers were married in May at the Kerrville Folk Festival – a perfect site for their wedding, given the freewheeling acoustic vibe of their music. Mr. Balmer fuels their debut CD with spirited guitar work that owes as much to Django Reinhardt as it does to Mississippi John Hurt. But the real draw is the duo’s songwriting, which is full of wry lyrics and melancholy melodies. Or as Ms. Markley puts it in one song, “happiness is a minor key.” The Dallas Morning News, July 27, 2008, Thor Christensen, pop music critic


  1. Coattails
  2. Hopelessly
  3. Mom & Dad’s Polka
  4. Don’t Make Me Do It
  5. She Knows
  6. Happiness Is
  7. Against The Grain
  8. Overhand Knot
  9. Polarized
  10. And So They Shall Remain
  11. Landing On The Moon
  12. Take Me Up