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Autumn Falls


My Dearest Friends,

As our high-summer garden (in all of its tomato glory) winds down, I find myself wondering where did summer go?



I spent 3 weeks in the Pacific Northwest seeing my dad and spending some serious time with my chosen family of goddesses, Emily, Linda and Barbara.  They renewed me, inspired me, and were there for me to help me breathe and move forward.


I experienced 3 tachycardia events in July (one landing me in the ER, complete with an ambulance joy-ride).

I connected the dots, (duh) and made some drastic life changes.  So far, 15 pounds down, and 20 more to go.  I take the meds my cardiologist has prescribed and am following up with my GI doc for all the digestive adventures in the thoracic zone.


I’ve found new strength and stamina (and perhaps my new religion) in mowing lawns.  Truly my zen place, behind an old-school human-powered push mower.

I’ve also signed on with a private Pilates instructor in my pursuit of a stronger core, (to fight the effects of osteoporosis, and to take some compression pressure off my heart).


I reunited with my Malvinas sisters for a few days, rekindling my folky heart.  Unfortunately we had to cancel our in-person concert after being exposed to COVID, but we did attempt a livestream.  We vow to get together again next summer, perhaps a mini tour in the Hudson Valley.  House concerts are always a blast.  Any leads, please message me.


Over the summer, Bruce and I put the recording projects on the back burner as we pursued summer gigs, juggled jobs, and focused intensively on our families.



As summer winds down, and we hunker down for winter, the recording sessions will finally resume.

I will continue to share rough mixes and previews through my Patreon page.  (I just posted one today, in honor of my brother, as we approach the anniversary of his passing.)


I am looking forward to two “solo” songwriter sets at the end of this month. (!!) Including a short set in the De Colores garden in NYC on Sept. 30, and an in-the-round at a song festival in Athens NY on October 1.  (details on my website calendar).

I’ve spent the last 20 years pursuing the American Songbook, and pulling back from my original vision of working as a songwriter.  This seems to be changing.   I’m not sure where it’s all headed, but it feels like I am returning home.  


I am slowly charting a songbook of 35-40 of my songs.  (Still unsure of what to do with the mountain of abandoned songs relegated to the bone pile, but for now am focusing on the songs that I continue to perform, and record.)


I put my trombone down this summer as I’ve been working through these medical issues.  (Frankly, I was a little scared of playing it until my heart settled down).   I am picking it back up now, returning to my lessons, and hoping to record a few horn tracks on our albums.


Finally, I am also following through with all the proper medical tests, and will be getting an upper-endoscopy at the end of October.  Fingers crossed I will get some answers, and will find some clarity in the path ahead.

(As my dad says “I dislike all procedures that end in “scopy”. 😂

The good news is, that I have had no tachycardia events since I’ve implemented all these changes in diet and exercise.


It is my hope that, by my 60th birthday, the live album (jazz & originals) will finally be mixed and ready to release.  

The other album, of all newer originals,  will take a bit longer, but I’m determined to get one or more of the singles up on my BandCamp in the coming months.


As social media becomes more wonky, it is more important than ever to have a strong mailing list.  Please if you would be so kind, sign up for my mailing list.  The newsletter is somewhat sporadic, but basically comes out with the changing of the seasons.  


My teaching practice has been treading water for almost 4 years now, holding steady at 6 to 8 students per week (in “BEFORE TIMES” I had 18 students).  

BUT there is a glimmer of hope, as I have begun to teach more in-person lessons locally.  I continue to work with students around the world on Zoom.  I have plenty of room for more students.  Reach out if you’d like a complimentary sample-lesson (guitar/ukulele/piano/voice/songwriting/music theory/performance coaching)


I have struggled to find what works in possible video tutorials.  If you’ve got any thoughts on what you’d like to hear from me, let me know.

I am currently looking at creating some mini-tutorials in scat singing.

What would you like to see?


I have a Substack profile now, and will be putting my essays and poetry up there.  

I will continue to share my music (brand new songs, rough mixes of new recordings, and video previews), exclusively with my Patreon subscribers.  I will also be sharing my essays and poetry there too.

It just made sense to move my Essays and prose stuff over to Substack.  As they get buried over time on the Facebook timeline.

I will begin archiving my older works on substack this month.


I continue to dabble in Tik-Tok, but lost my access to my old profile, and had to make a new one. @lisamarkleymusic

I have a Twitter account, and rarely post anything.  I am more of a lurker there.  @MizMarkley

My youtube has all the videos, holy cow, the good, the bad, and the ugly. (or “@mizmarkley”)

Bandcamp (ancient out of print archives from 1991-2003, and brand spankin’ new recordings.  For everything from 2006-2017, go to

I am gradually updating my website, this includes scheduling a photoshoot to capture the newer me (grayer, stronger, older, wiser, witchier, crone-y-er).  I am currently seeking a new WordPress guru to get the website done.  

TRYING TO PUT ON A POSITIVE FACE, (…and yet continue to share the truth).

Between health scares, deaths in the family, scarce work, the impending climate doom, and the potential failure of our democracy, I am anxious, enraged, grieving, and sick with worry.

And yet, beautiful and amazing things are happening all around me.  

While I do not believe in faking some kind of toxic positivity, I am determined to keep the beauty up front.  

I remain overwhelmed with gratitude that I get to wake up everyday, and live my life as a musician.

I am relieved that my son is with us, and that we can keep him as safe as we can.

I still amazed and astounded that Bruce Balmer came into my life, and has remained by my side for going on two decades.

And I am infinitely grateful for your ears, your friendship, and your belief in our music.

Stay healthy.  If you can, please consider the vaccines (I’m scheduled for the new COVID and the flu vaccines on Friday). If nothing else, please mask up indoors (especially in medical offices and anywhere where vulnerable folks are being cared for).

And go for walks.

Sing songs.

Dig in your garden.

Mow the lawn.

Surrender Love ❤️