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Rescuing The Lost Nonet Recording, “Stars Rained Down” now available on Bandcamp

The Nonet, L-R: Buddy Mohmed-bass, Shelley Carroll-woodwinds, Drew Zaremba-woodwinds, Steve Weist-trombone, Joakim Toftgaard-trombone, Lisa Markley-vocals & guitar, Dillon Garrett-trombone, Andrew Griffith-drums, Chris McGuire-woodwinds & trumpet, William Foley-piano (photo by Ange Fitzgerald)

Name your price!

All purchases go towards mixing and mastering the entire concert. This was a very special concert for me, as all the arrangements (horns et al) were mine. I rarely ever get to gather a band together, much less a nonet. I knew that attempting to multi-track a live recording complete with 150 in the audience, and full band (including horns) crammed on the stage, was a risky venture.  In the end, the biggest problem was the vocals, complete with feedback, distortion, and (of course) bleed from the horns…

Due to technical difficulties, these tracks were put on the back burner, waiting for the technology to catch up. NOW it is time!
Everyone who purchases this track will get the download of the full live recording when it is finished. It’s an expensive final step in rescuing this amazing night of music. Costing $300+ to finish each track, and pay for mechanicals on the cover tunes.

“Stars Rained Down” is one of my originals, features Steve Weist, Joakim Toftgaard, and Dillon Garret on trombones–it was this song that caused me to “think in trombone” again ultimately inspiring me to pick up my own trombone after 30 years off (I am NOT playing trombone in public yet, but these world class musicians brought the sounds in my head to life!), Buddy Mohmed – bass, Will Foley – piano, and Andrew Griffith-drums.  I am thrilled to finally hear it as it was meant to be heard.   

Please listen, and download for yourself.  Name your price.  All $ will go towards studio-time.    Next on the list is “Lennie’s Pennies”, with my lyrics, running as the alternate title “Hundred In A Dollar”.  The goal is to get that track out in April.

Other tunes in this concert were: “I Cover The Waterfront”, “Well You Needn’t”, “Midnight Sun”, “I’m Beginning to See the Light”, “Maybe” (by my friend Bach Norwood, set to a poem by Carl Sandburg), and “Easy Chair Escape” (one of mine).