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new single!

Two recording projects are in the works here in the land of infinite recording studios, one is a live jazz album of all my own arrangements, horns et al  (in the mixing phase–I’ll talk more about that project and share another cut from it in my next newsletter),

AND I’m finally recording a full album of my own compositions! 

I have not done a full album of originals in over 20 years, instead, I’ve been working in bands and duos, sharing just a few originals, or really working the jazz standards.  For the most part, this will be an acoustic album.  

EXCEPT for this new song, “GIMME MONEY”

Fulfilling my rock&roll fantasy, this track features the brilliant Bruce Balmer on Stratocaster, as well as his vintage Gibson L-4; Eric Parker on drums (Joe Cocker, Steve Linwood, Bonnie Raitt, Lou Reed); Gary Bristol (Maria Muldaur, Maryann Price) on bass; and me on songwriting duty, vocals, and 1967 Gibson J45.  This was definitely pushing my comfort zone, but hey, you’ve got to honor the song.  And this song told me it was a rock tune.  

It also falls squarely into the category of protest song, but not a “hold-hands-we-shall-overcome” protest song.  This is more in the realm of satire, sung in the voice of the despised, sung in the voice of the oppressor.  Will folks get it?  This is always the risk.  So far, when playing the song out at gigs, the audiences have understood.  

Anyway, it is available for download on my Bandcamp page.  You name your price (including “$0”).  And please, in the folk tradition, share with friends.  You can even purchase a download to give to a friend.  But you can also simply share this link.  This is how protest songs grow.  Please help me get this song out into the world.  And for anyone wanting to learn it, please write me and I will send you a chart.