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Lisa Markley Four-Tête


I’m woodshedding for the next gig on the books, and after 30 years off, I’ll be bringing the trombone to this show.  It’s been long, careful journey, rebuilding my embouchure.  The trombone informs everything I am as a vocalist, but now I am learning that my voice informs everything I strive for on the trombone.  At 58, it’s a huge challenge, and yet, I do not have all the common pains that life long horn players have, (jaw pain etc…), but breath is a huge challenge.  And I pride myself on breath control as vocalist, yet I find it a huge challenge on the trombone.  Most importantly, what do I have to say on the horn?  My desire is, to be able to play anything I can sing.  I am not there—yet.  This will be my journey for the rest of my life.  My cohorts on this gig are stellar musicians, and I am honored to play this show with them:

Pete Levin — keys, Jeff “Siege” Siegel — drums, Rich Syracuse — most up-righteous bass, Lisa Markley — vox, trombone, 845-687-6373, 7 Old US hwy 209, Stoneridge NY