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In The Recording Studio

Quite by accident, we have begun work on a new album!  We went into the studio for a harmless three-hour session, just to demo a new song, to enter into the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.

And it became clear that we want to do more of this.  We are digging deeper, we are becoming more ourselves, more our sound.

You can help make this record happen, by pre-purchasing the album here on my bandcamp page.

You name your price!

All who purchase this track, “Cradle Song”, will receive a free download of the full album when it’s completed.

All donations of $20 or more will receive a signed physical copy of the record as well as the download.

We’ll be working through the summer, as the finances allow.

The actual number of cds (or vinyl???) that we press, will be determined by interest.   It will be a very limited run.  This will be a shoestring operation, in every way—EXCEPT—for the music.

The music will be sublime, amazing, stunning, and hopefully a little unsettling…

Mainly originals, a smattering of choice standards, stratocasters, archtops, ukuleles, trombones, and banjos—Genres be damned!

We fully understand, that the record business is hardly what would qualify as “business” these days, but this music needs to go out into the world.

So we will only record as we have the cash to do it.  We will not go into debt to do it, but will work carefully within our means to get this done.

Thank you for supporting original music!

P.S.  …AND we got into the Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist Showcase!  After 40+ years, and 13 albums between us, we are “Emerging” ❤️

So if you’re at the festival on July 29, come say hello!  We miss yer face.