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Rescuing the Nonet

We’re in the thick of it here–from the archives. In 2013 I multi-tracked a live performance with a full band, horns and all. It was an impossible feat, but we gave it our all. The band was a killer collective of world class musicians. I dusted off my composition chops, and wrote arrangements for the set of songs (some originals, many covers), and assembled the dream band. But the vocals were not what they needed to be, and the project was shelved.
Fast forward 11 years, the technology has changed, and we have begun to mix, and re-record, re-mix the vocals. It was an amazing moment in time. The band was killer!
I hope to finish the mixing by the end of February, then to raise the dollars for licensing and duplication, artwork et al.
I’ve released two cuts from the recording as singles on my bandcamp page. The two singles are my original compositions, “Stars Rained Down” and “Easy Chair Escape”

Please take a listen, share with your friends, and download them. They are available at “name your price” (including $0).
All proceeds go towards finishing this project.
This album is one of two that I am working to release this year.
Thank you for supporting music and musicians. We cannot do this without the dough. We cannot do this without your ears <3