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Markley & Balmer, New Jazz Album on the Soona Songs Label

Soona Songs recording label announces “Markley & Balmer: Standards & Covers”

“All music is folk music. I ain’t never heard a horse sing a song.” –Louis Armstrong

No more dancing around the issue, our gloves are off.  Or, as a friend of ours so aptly states, we’ve been caught with our “jazz pants” down.  This album is all jazz standards, and one surprising orchestration of a “traditional” song.  We are thrilled with this recording.  It truly captures the spirit of what we do. Voice. Guitar.  The “official” release date is October 30, but you can find a free sample at

We know that the norm these days is to load the cd into a computer or iPod and randomize the tracks, but may we suggest that, at least once, put the cd on and listen straight through in the order we’ve placed them.  This album is a journey, and we would be honored if you took that journey along with us.

We could not make records were it not for the generous support of Soona Songs. At a time when many record labels have given up, Soona continues to put it all on the line, and record the unusual artists, the rare song.  Please visit their website and support what they do.  Support what we do.  Order cds.  It makes a difference in the artists’ lives when you buy a cd.  It puts food in the fridge, it heats the house for winter.  It puts snow tires on the car so they can come to your town (in a vintage Subaru) and play a concert.  We cannot make this music without you, the listener, the patron of the arts.  Thank you!