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The Malvinas return!

“It’s all folk music. I ain’t never heard no horse sing a song.” Louie Armstrong

After 10 years on hiatus, The Malvinas are back! Gina Forsyth (New Orleans, LA), Beth Cahill (Wakefield, QC, Canada), Lisa Markley (Dallas, TX).
The Malvinas celebrated the release of their third CD, “God Bless the Grass”, this weekend. We’ve been touring, gigging, writing, and generally pursuing our own individual music over the last decade. This year we reconvened to see what we had. We recorded the new cd in July, as the country was careening into deeper and deeper chasms of division.
This CD brings us back to the foundations of folk music. Music with a purpose. I have been wrestling hard with my anger, and my desire to continue with the message of love. I am not a ‘hearts and rainbows’ kind of singer. I lean into the dark more often than not. Still, The Malvinas have brought me balance over the last few months. In the face of hatred, misogyny, racism, and greed, we cannot be silent. Can a song change anything? I don’t know. A song can bring some relief. A song can bring discomfort. I aim to do both.
To paraphrase the fictional Mr. Dooley, our aim is to “Afflict the comfortable, and comfort the afflicted”.
The Malvinas are back. We will be touring much more over this year. Look for us in Chicago in July.