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Music Lessons and Concerts from Woodstock

148 days since we shutdown.  This week marks our 20th livestream from Facebook.  As the summer flies by, all of our friends and fellow citizens have had to re-imagine how we live, how we connect, how we maintain our communities, and how we earn a living.  It has been wonderful to return to performance this summer.  And if there is any silver lining to this pandemic, it is that I have been led back to performance, and to my original compositions.  

That said, I remain a teacher.  I have now moved exclusively to online lessons.  Amazingly, I find that this has opened up the world to me.  This  week I will take on my first student from the “other side of the pond”.  I teach voice (all levels), vocal health, advanced jazz voice, song-writing, composition/arranging, piano skills for singers, guitar, and (my favorite “gateway instrument”) the ukulele.  Beginners are my zen place.  If you have always wanted to sing, but were afraid, I am the teacher for you.

I have also, over the last few months, come home to myself, and to my first instrument, the trombone.  30 years is a long time to let the embouchure slide (so to speak), and progress is maddeningly gradual, but the journey has brought me back to my true self.  And after 30 years of intensive focus on voice, I find myself “thinking in trombone” again, only more so.  I will be debuting a couple of videos this month featuring the trombone.  I will also be incorporating it into our live shows by the end of the month.  It will be a year before my chops are really up and running, but I am so excited to be playing again, that I gotta share it!

I have been uncomfortable with the business side of being a creative, but I am stepping outside of my comfort zone today with an offer.  We need to build our mailing list, and our audience, and we need your help.  

1.) I will send a copy of our most recent release “Standards and Covers” to anyone who signs up on my email list (see the “Mail Chimp” form at the top of my homepage here).

2.) I will send a copy of “The Sky Is Blue and Sometimes Cries” to anyone who subscribes to my youtube channel,  

3.) I send a copy of “One Word” to anyone who “likes” my band page and “follows” it (“see first” please) on Facebook

4.) I will send a copy of Markley & Balmer’s debut cd (“Markley & Balmer”) to anyone who very kindly shares my website, my band page, or my youtube channel with their friends.  Your recommendations carry more weight than any advertising ever could.  

5.) AND, in honor of the 20th anniversary of my first solo release.  I will send a copy of “Goddess of Groove” to anyone who subscribes to my Patreon page.

On my patreon page, I debut new songs, works in progress, and my “Songs from the Pixie Piano” series.  For as little as $1 you can become a patron.  As my patrons grow, and it becomes clear what they would like to see on my Patreon page, I will be adding to the list of things we share there.  The possibilities are wide open, instructional videos, live exclusive concerts, Q&A…. that’s at

Thank you for your friendship, and for supporting our music.  We are scrambling, we are working hard, we are growing, but most of all, we are grateful.  Thank you.

Be well, stay safe.

-miz markley