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Goodbye Concert at the Kessler Theater August 17

I left my home of Seattle and came to Texas in 1984, (at the stubborn and oh-so-adult age of twenty), with the intention of staying only for a few years to finish my music degree. But life happens, and I wound up staying ten times longer than ever I imagined. I stayed in Texas so long, that the words “y’all” and “all y’all” replaced “you guys” in my speech. “Pop” became “soda”. Sweaters were ditched for tank-tops and sundresses, and I ceased to wear socks with my Birkenstocks. But even though my closest friends accused me of being so settled in the lone-star state, that they thought I would never move, I am finally escaping to yankee-land. Bruce and I are moving to New York at the end of August. And so, to celebrate our friends and thirty years of making music here in North Texas, we will be doing a goodbye show with a full band at the Kessler Theater on August 17.

In order to raise the funds for our big move, Bruce and I will be letting go of some very sentimental items, including the first piece of furniture we ever purchased together, our velvet divan. This sofa is so special, that I even wrote a song about it. I will be performing this song and more at the Kessler, as well as holding a silent auction for the Velvet Divan. Sharing the evening will be the one of the finest singers I have ever known, Damon K. Clark. There is no one in the world that sings the way Damon does. I am unspeakably proud and honored that I get to share this concert with him. Damon and I will be backed up by some of the best players in Texas. Drew Phelps on bass, Julie Bonk on piano, Andrew Griffith on drums, Tony Baker on trombone, and special guest–my one and only–Bruce Balmer on guitar. Please come come out August 17 to the Kessler Theater and celebrate my 30+ years of music in Texas. Bring your checkbooks, and bid on the magical Velvet Divan. Also on silent auction will be my antique Vose upright grand piano from my”One Word” album cover, and the amazing vintage red dress (altered for a zaftig goddess) from my “Goddess of Groove” album cover.
(Violet Kitty-kat will *not* be available for auction… )

Velvet Divan from Sharie Vance on Vimeo.